Friday, August 20, 2010


As a brand life coach and as a package designer, I am in constant pursuit to get big brands to get in touch with culture to demonstrate contemporary relevance and awareness. I was saddened when i saw this. Not by the fact that such a strong brand actually took action on this opportunity. I actually applaud them for doing this. I am saddened by the compete waisted opportunity to create something incredible.

Now, there are many things that signaled brand confusion in my head.

- As a brand expert I asked myself, what happened with the Most Interesting Man, how does Kaws relate to a so far very successful and engaging campaign? How does Dos Equis benefit from this brand rendezvous?

- As a packaging expert I asked myself. Is this really the best that could be done? leveraging not the power of Dos Equis, nor the impact and simplicity of the Kaws brand?

- As a consumer I asked myself. So what?

Or maybe i just don't get it, can someone help?

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